3 steps to come up with perfect ChatGPT prompt for your business

06/12/2023· 4 min read

It seems like ChatGPT is everywhere these days. However, most people stop at basic prompts and get mediocre results. We’ll share with you 3 tips to create perfect ChatGPT prompts for your business.

ChatGPT is one of the most powerful AI tools available and it's what most people think of when they think of AI. Knowing how to fully harness its power by crafting business-specific prompt will allow you to harness its potential to improve various aspects of your business, from customer service to marketing.

It’s true that the internet is filled with "perfect" ChatGPT prompts. But as AI expert Andrew Ng - founder of Google Brain and Coursera, puts it

I don't pay much attention to the 'perfect' prompts. There isn't one for every use case.

Each business is unique, hence, the importance of crafting prompts tailored to your needs and your brand voice. Fortunately, this skill can be mastered quickly - all set to unlock ChatGPT's power for your business?

Here's the thing: You don't need to be a tech wizard to create effective ChatGPT prompts. While understanding AI and machine learning can be an asset, it's your business acumen and understanding of your audience's needs that truly make the difference.

Be clear and specific


ChatGPT responds to the instruction it is given. By providing it with clear and detailed instructions, you can guide the model to generate the type of content you want.

Here are a few concrete tactics that you can adopt right away

  1. Provide context
  2. Ask the model to adopt a persona
  3. Use delimiter to indicate distinct part of the query

For example: I need to write ads copy for a handcraft wooden chair by Awesome Furniture, an e-commerce site selling artisanal furniture. Following are the list of prompts from worst to best that I could use



This prompt lacks specificity and therefore ChatGPT hallucinates, creating non-sense content



This prompts give more context about the store and the type of product so the copy is getting better. However, we can still do better



This prompts provide context about the store, the audience, what sets it apart and the product itself. Furthermore, it specifies that the output format and its length, i.e. Google Adwords copy that consists of the headline and the description at up to 30 and 90 characters respectively

Provide reference text


ChatGPT and other model can make up facts and they can do so very convincingly. Providing reference text can help them answer with fewer fabrication.

If your brand has a unique tone of voice, providing examples of past content that exemplifies this can help guide the model to generate content that aligns with your brand's voice.

Let's rewrite our previous copy using Starbucks' brand voice.

Ads copy with Starbucks brand voice


Act as marketing copy writer, I want you to retrieve Starbucks brand voice at "" then rewrite the following Google Adwords copy delimited by """ by following Starbucks brand voice . The ads should have the following
- Headline: maximum of 30 characters. The headline should contain the provided keyword
- Description: Maximum of 90 characters. Use the description fields to highlight details about your product or service. It’s a good idea to include a “call to action”—the action you want your customer to take. 

Embrace Craftsmanship | Handmade Wooden Chairs

Experience high-quality, artisan-crafted wooden chairs from Awesome Furniture. Nationwide shipping. Add luxury to your space. Shop now!"""


Based on Starbucks' brand voice, it's clear they focus on creating an experience that is both functional and expressive. The functional aspect involves making the copy clear, helpful, and integrated with the product. The expressive aspect is where they infuse their brand personality, presenting product truths in a fresh, relevant, and interesting way. They also strive to create a connection and bring joy through their words​1​.

Now, let's rewrite your Google Adwords copy using this Starbucks' brand voice:

Crafted with Care | Your Wooden Throne Awaits

Discover the joy of artisanal wooden chairs, thoughtfully crafted by Awesome Furniture. Nationwide delivery. Elevate your space, experience luxury. Your journey to comfort starts here!

In this example, I used Browser plugin so ChatGPT can include Starbucks brand voice as a reference

Ads copy with Wendy's brand voice

Let's spice thing up by using Wendy's sassy Twitter voice found as described here


Wendy's brand voice is known for its edgy humor, snarky comebacks, and resonation with its target audience, which primarily consists of millennials and young professionals. Wendy's strategically positions itself as a trendy and hip place, and their communication style reflects this. They've been successful in directly talking to their customers, even using humor to roast people on Twitter, and this has established them as a brand to be reckoned with. They've also positioned themselves as a thought leader among the internet's humorous content creators​1​.

Now, let's rewrite your Google Adwords copy using this Wendy's brand voice:

Crafted Cool | Snazzy Wooden Chairs

Slide into luxury with our cheeky, artisan-made wooden chairs by Awesome Furniture. Shipped nationwide. Add some sass to your space. Click it, don't miss it!

Break down complex task


Most people expect ChatGPT to do a complex task like writing a long-form content or in-depth articles that would take themselves hours with a prompt resemble the following

Write a blog post about using ChatGPT for SEO

Unfortunately, the results are often mediocre content that lack originality & substance.

Instead of trying to get the AI to generate a long piece in one go, break it down into sections or elements. This can lead to better results and makes the task more manageable for the AI.

For example, ask ChatGPT to generate the outline of the post based on a topic and audience. Then ask it to write each paragraph and finally revise the entire post

Putting it together

In next post, I'll show you an example of how I applied these strategies to write this very blog post. In the meantime, what's your favorite strategy for creating ChatGPT prompts for your business

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