Why every business should create a ChatGPT plugin to find new customers, generate more revenue and staying ahead in the post-AI world

07/27/2023· 2 min read

Every business should consider creating a ChatGPT plugin

ChatGPT currently have 100 million monthly active users. Many of them are using ChatGPT & its plugins instead of Google search. Business should create their own ChatGPT plugins to

  • Find new customers
  • Generate more revenue
  • Stay ahead of the competition in the post AI world

Here are 3 reasons why now is a good time to create a ChatGPT plugin for your own business

ChatGPT plugins is the new app store


Many people made fun of Apple iPhone when it was first announced and one of the main reason is its lack of apps

ChatGPT realized that and add 3rd party plugin mere months after the initial launch. ChatGPT plugin launched plugins from well-known tech companies like Expedia, Zapier, Instacart. Since then, the store has added more than 700 plugins

With Google's Bard plugin support coming soon, LLM plugins are being compared to the early day of the mobile app store. What does it mean for your business

Huge source of traffic


100 millions monthly active users represent a significant source of traffic for plugins, especially the early ones

For example, a user posted on Reddit the state for their plugin about indoor plants in 2 weeks

  • The logo were seen 160,000 times
  • 2000 users installed it
  • 50 requests per day

Granted, plugins are only available for ChatGPT plus users right now. But if history is of any indication, OpenAI will likely let the remaining users access to plugin in the near future. Why?

Because developers can charge users to use their plugin and OpenAI can get a cut of every transaction

It's still early

Early birds get the worms

So do developers who are quick to adopt an up and coming platform

My guess is ChatGPT plugin store will implement rating and reviews soon. So early plugins will have a sizeable leads in customers review

It's still too early to tell how the LLM plugin industry will play out. But there are significant growth opportunity for businesses to create a ChatGPT plugin. Especially the ones that are already doing it

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